Our Commitment to Quality

When we got started back in 1977, the big request in car stereo was a clearer-sounding “Stairway to Heaven.” For more than 40 years, Car Tunes made its mark in mobile electronics by providing the highest quality products and professional installation at a great price. Leaning into the next 40 years, the only thing that will change is the technology. Isn’t it time you found out for yourself why one of the “Top Three Retailers in the Nation” is in your backyard?


(State of the art car audio in 1977.)

Our Passion For Perfection Runs Deep

Like our Motor City roots, our passion for perfection runs deep. We love the awards and accolades that come from being the best mobile electronics dealer in Michigan. They’re a constant reminder that we’re still taking care of what’s important, our customers.


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Top 3 Mobile electronics Retailer in the nation


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Mobile Electroincs Retailer of the Year


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